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Story Bag on the Prophet (saw)

by | Prophet

Love this idea by Zayn Gulamhusein to mark the Prophet’s birthday 🙂
Story bags are a great way to teach younger children! Ask the children: What’s in my bag? After the song and drumroll pull out a nappy. Go around asking the children whose it is. Then narrate the story about a time a baby urinated on the Holy Prophet and when people rushed to take the baby away he said ‘Don’t worry it’s okay’ get the children to repeat this line.
When things go wrong remind the children of this story.
Another story is when people were throwing stones at a cockerel. You can tell the children what a cockerel is in Arabic and play the sound it makes. Prophet Muhammad saw stopped them and said we don’t hurt creations of Allah SWT. Choose a line for the children to repeat.
What’s in my bag? After the song and a drumroll bring out a hairbrush. Is this anyone’s? Get the children giggling 😉 then ask the children is Abdulhafeedh better than Fatimah? Is Fatimah better than Noor etc they will all say no! Then explain how Prophet Muhammad said we are equal like the teeth in a comb. The best one is the one with the shiniest heart, then discuss what behaviour makes our heart shiny!
You can also explain how the holy Prophet would brush his hair before going out.
You can give mini hairbrushes as going home gift or gift to family and friends!