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Some thoughts on Laylatul Qadr for us mums…

by | Ramadan, Ramadan for Mums

Sometimes, it can be quite hard to get the balance right in terms of ensuring our children realise the value of the nights and benefit from it, and our own personal responsibilities. So how can we ensure this balance is maintained?

  • One way is to prepare the necessary materials for them, but then to leave them to it! Here is what one mum said:

“The last two Laylatul Qadr nights have come and gone, and one thing I realised quite early on is that if our children are staying up (or trying to), they can take up quite a lot of our time… while I was trying to help them with all the little bits and bobs (as well as answer questions, get them comfortable, etc), I was also very conscious of the precious minutes ticking away.

So tonight I am going to dedicate a little time to them to get them started, but then I am going to leave them to it, whatever they choose to do. Because tonight is about me and my God. Inshallah they will have many years ahead of them to benefit from this awesome night, but right now they are not even baaligh yet and it is MY responsibility to pray for them tonight.

The balance between helping them and helping ourselves is hard, and may Allah give us the tawfeeq to get it right! May we utilise this night to the max, and may we feel the ‘Salaam’ coming down on us Inshallah.”

  • Here is an excellent resource for mums to prepare: