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Sharing Dates – YOUR versions – 2014 🙂

by | Neighbours, Ramadan, School

Remember this post from last year about sharing dates with your neighbour?

Well I came across a much prettier (and free printable!) version and posted in on Facebook for all the wonderful members of our page there – – and then so many people started sending in their versions of it!

They are all awesome, and so am sharing it here with you all 🙂

Here’s the first – handing out dates to new neighbours and introducing themselves at the same time – what a great way to get to know the neighbours!:



Love this idea of including the dua for breaking the fast on to these pretty date jars!:

IMG-20140629-WA0009 IMG-20140629-WA0010

Another great way to share dates – by encouraging Palestinian support!:


Another version of the Date Jars by Islam From the Start She found these great boxes in case you don’t have any jars Download them here: :



Loving this version of date jars for family and friends, made by the child’s hand. As she grows, the parents will have a collection of her growing hand through every Ramadhan :):

IMG-20140629-WA0002 IMG-20140629-WA0004


From a mum: “Made some date gifts for the teachers at school. Thank you for the labels. Xx”:

date packs


Last but not least, here is our version of the date jar (ummm…no jar in sight lol)! I wanted to subtly let the school folks know that the month had kicked off and so sent this in. We were also thinking who else to give dates to – we usually give something to neighbours/people in the community for Eid and so didn’t want to overdo it – and besides – we wanted to give dates to Muslims in particular to get the reward for feeding fasting people! Nowadays giving out dates within our community is quite common, so we have decided to reach out to those we don’t tend to ‘give’ much to – the other Muslims in our school! There are not THAT many so it should hopefully be feasible… Inshallah we are hoping it will be thawaab, as well as a good way to deepen our bonds 🙂


2014-06-30 09.08.48

2014-06-30 08.34.01