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Salaah Idea 17: Don’t worry what others might think!

by | Salaah

I just LOVE this post (check out the image!) – it reminds us what is important, and that most people actually admire and respect us for praying!

Here’s another example that was shared on facebook:

“Today, I almost missed my prayer. Not knowing what to do or where to go, I found a small space outside King’s Cross Station to pray. As soon as I finished, someone from security (or police, I couldn’t quite tell) approached me immediately. Amidst everything that I’ve seen in the media, my heart sunk. I thought to myself: “Well, here goes.”

The officer approached me pretty quickly. To my surprise, he said:

“Why don’t you come and pray inside? There’s a staff prayer room.”

I was taken aback. Really. I fit every stereotype imaginable. Yet, here I was stereotyping others. The officer was a white man.

It’s so important to remember that on every end of the spectrum, there are pretty crazy people. But for the most part, people are incredibly respectful.”

By Ismail Jeilani