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Celebrating Eid: Idea 7 – Sharing it with School (Staff and Classmates)

by | Eid

Why not share Eid with your schools? It’s a great way to spread awareness as well as goodwill :)

The kids went off to school with their arms full of Eid Kidzz cards for their class mates and Eid gifts for their teachers, and came back with smiles and some Eid goodies from other students! We received a few lovely comments from their teachers AND classmates who thanked us for the cards and wished us Eid Mubarak :) The next day, my son came home with a card his (non-Muslim) friend had made for him (pictured)! It truly is amazing how a little gesture can go a long way…

Here is another lovely example of things you can send in to school:

And how about this lovely sweet pack one girl shared with her football team:

Love this too:


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