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Ramadan Idea 7: Create a Ramadan Art Folder or Scrapbook

by | Crafts, Ideas for Marking Ramadan with Kids, Ramadan

For those of you who are planning to do worksheets and art activities with your children at home, or Ramadan class teachers who are looking for a way to organise all the children’s work, here is an idea that might help!

Simply fold over a large piece of sugar paper (the size of paper depends on what your needs are), staple the sides and get the children to decorate the front! Add moons, stars, stickers, glitter – basically get the creativity flowing and make something practical at the same time 🙂

UPDATED Ramadhan 2015:

Or how about this idea about making a scrapbook? I have been fretting in the last few week because I can’t seem to find a good Ramadhan Journal for my kids – one that has all the things that I want it to have, and doesn’t have the things that I don’t think (from past experience) will be useful for them.

And then I saw this! It’s perfect! I can help them incorporate exactly what is right for them into it, and it will Inshallah be a perfect place to stick their work/crafts into – and thus become a perfect keepsake for this year’s special month.

Inshallah if we keep this up every year, they will have a whole bunch of scrapbooks to show their development as they go into adulthood! I only wish I’d come across this idea a few years ago 🙂