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Alhamdulillah, we had the Ice-Off yesterday and it was fantabulous to see all the creativity emerging from the children!

4-6 year olds (and siblings!) decorated moon and gingerbread biscuits, then decorated the baskets to put them in as well. They then had a chance to play some games and read some books from the library…

During that time, the 7-11 year olds gather upstairs for their event with their cakes. Our awesome baking expert volunteer for the day showed them some icing techniques and then let them loose! They used fondant, buttercream, coloured icing pens, and toppings… and created some Ramadan masterpieces!

While they joined the rest downstairs for Story Time (where we read Ramadan themed books, of course!), their cakes were judged and two children each from the 7-8 year old category and 9-11 year old category were chosen – although this was a VERY tough decision.

We finished off with ziyarat and Dua Faraj – and the kids went home on a high (some of that was sugar induced, i must admit!)

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