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Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 9: Use HUMOUR!

by | Quran, Quran Memorisation Series

I thought I would quickly wrap up the Quran Memorisation Series with a final idea – HUMOUR!

Sometimes kids find it tricky to remember certain words, so make it funny to stick in their heads!

One mum said this: “When we were doing Sura Zilzaal some time ago, she was having trouble remembering those ayaah that say whoever does an atom’s weight of good shall see it and whoever does and atom’s weight of evil shall see it. She would get confused with which ayah cam first – Khayraynyaraa or Sharraaynyaraa. So i said to her, just remember is Khairun aunty first and then Shairun aunty!”

If you have any more ideas to add, please send them in! Otherwise I think we will now turn our attention to Ramadhan, Inshallah :)

After Ramadhan, am hoping to do a series more focused on the understanding side of things – so do send in your ideas about that too!

Until then, let us pray for all our children to make the most of this month with their recitation, understanding and memorisation of the Holy book!