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Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 6: Little but Often and Consistent

by | Quran, Quran Memorisation Series

  • This is related to idea 5 – repeat it 7 times… WHAT you repeat 7 times however, should be feasible! Start small, an ayah perhaps, or even half an ayah if it is a long one. It may seem that they are not really picking it up the first day, but the second day it will Inshallah seem more familiar to them and come easier.
  • Also, don’t rush to the next one too soon! If a day or two is needed on the one ayah, then spend that day or two on it, perfecting the makhraj as well – because once they’ve learnt it wrong, it is very hard to change!
  • Dr. Murtadha Alidina also suggested having a fixed time to devote to the Quran. Whatever that fixed time may be in the day, to keep it that way so it becomes a habit.