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Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 4: Ask HIM for help before you start!

by | Quran, Quran Memorisation Series

Once we’ve clarified our niyyah, then the next step is to ask Allah for His help on this journey with our kids! Inshallah He is the only one who can make it possible.

This short dua is recommended before starting memorisation of the Quran. Perhaps you can print it out and the kids can decorate it and it can stay near where they do Quran? Or if someone is design savvy, perhaps they can make it into a poster to be printed and laminated? (P.S. If someone is so inclined, please do share here! Unfortunately my design skills are limited otherwise would do it myself!)

Here is the translation:

“Oh Allah, have mercy on me to be able to stop disobeying you as long as I am alive. Show mercy on me by not imposing a troublesome and difficult task on me. Make me do good deeds that please you. Make me learn your book by heart, just like you have taught me. Give me the ability to recite it in a manner that pleases you. Oh Allah, (through the Quran), enlighten my wisdom, open the doors of understanding and liberate my heart. Loosen my tongue, let my body be active and give me strength for it. No one can help me save you. There is no God except you.”