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Quran memorisation series – Idea 3: Clarify your intention

by | Quran, Quran Memorisation Series

As we know, our niyyat is the key to everything. We need to closely look within to see what really is our intention to help our children memorise the suras of the Quran.

Is it because their peers are doing so? Is it to win a prize for a competition? Is it because your family expects you to and have made comments to that effect? Or is it simply for the sake of Allah and to help them get familiar with and learn His word.

All of the above may not be mutually exclusive! But figuring out which one dominates is essential for the journey ahead. If you are doing it for keeping up with the other perhaps (even if this may not be a conscious goal), then you may find yourself comparing them, or being overly critical when they don’t pick it up by a certain time. This will then end up negatively and with them put off by the whole thing, which is the last thing we want in the long run…

Believe me, I am telling myself this first. It is very easy to fall into this trap… And then suffer the consequences.

But inshallah if we are doing it for them to love and know Allah and His words, then we will guide with love, follow at their pace and not to fulfill our agenda, and give plenty of time for understanding also.

May He give us the tawfeeq to clarify and purify our intention for this path Inshallah, and help us fulfil our aim of closeness and love to Him!