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Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 10: Motivating our children to memorize Quran

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A great addition to our memorisation series – talking about intrinsic motivation…

“Watching this short video about motivation made me think of Qur’an memorization in children. I strongly believe in fostering intrinsic motivation, and having things come from a child’s own self rather than forced on them (for example that a child doesn’t hit another child because they care about not hurting another person, versus not hitting because they fear getting punished). This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s looking at long term rather than short term results…” Read the full article here:

Here is another article on a young hafidha’s journey to  memorising the Quran:

And here’s a little inspiring video for them:


Posted by The Australian Muslim on Saturday, 24 March 2018