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Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 1: To Memorise or Understand?

by | Quran, Quran Memorisation Series

So I have been hinting as to a new series that I would like to introduce leading us all the way to Ramadhan Inshallah…

As you may have guessed, it is to do with the Quran and our children! Ramadhan is THE month of the Quran, and as a mum, I would love for my children to develop closer relationships with the Quran. When thinking about this though, it was clear that there are several aspects to this.

Ummi aunty Merali (aka DON!) always says there are 5 parts: READ, MEMORISE, UNDERSTAND, APPLY & TEACH.

We have alhamdulillah covered a little bit of learning how to READ through the Arabic Alphabet Series ( and so I was torn between MEMORISE and UNDERSTAND – was it more important for my children to memorise, or understand the Quran first?

Somehow, Allah always sends the right thing at the right time, and yesterday I came across this awesome clip from Nouman Ali Khan. As always, the middle path is the one – but what I loved was that even through the process of memorisation, understanding can be achieved – the repetition, slowing down, etc, will allow for a deeper look at the words…

And so for this series, we shall be focussing on tips to help our children (and us!) memorise the Quran inshallah! Then, at a later date, we will hopefully do another series focussing on shifting this memorisation to a deeper understanding and application of the verses.

PLEASE do send in your tips of how you helped your children memorise! As always, I can’t do this without all of your wonderful ideas and creative ways – PM me, or feel free to email me at – look forward to hearing from you and getting started!