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Ramadan – Halaal/Haraam/Mustahab – Hopscotch Game


Created by: Aaliya Mavani


Aim/Objective: Teaches acts that are halaal (allowed), Haraam (not
allowed) and Mustahab (recommended) during fasting in a
fun way.

How to play:
1. Draw a hopscotch, however your child finds it easy to
navigate Eg single boxes, double boxes, alternating
single and double boxes etc
2. Grade it by starting easy and making it a little more
difcult next time. This will also help improve your
child’s gross motor skills and make it more fun and
challenging to continue to want to play
3. At the very top of the hopscotch you need to draw three
boxes labeled Halaal, Haraam and Mustahab
4. Write out some halaal, Haraam and Mustahab acts
labels (see below for suggestions) on pieces of paper
and put them in a pot
5. The player whose turn it is starts by picking out a piece
of paper
6. The player determines whether the act it is Halaal,
Haraam or Mustahab
7. Help prompt the player especially if they are young
8. Once player has selected the correct category, player can
aim to throw their stone into that category (give three
9. If successful in throwing, they get to jump towards that
category to pick up the stone and return to base. If
unsuccessful after 3 tries then they have to wait their
10. Make it competitive by recording who has had the most
turns and award them with a Salawat or a ‘Fasting
Hakeem of the Family’ title


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