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Quran Bingo Game



Aim/Objective: To teach and reinforce the Names of the Surahs in the Quran through this fun Bingo Game!

How to Use: Print out however many Bingo cards you need (one per player) on paper. Print out the Sura Templates and cut these up and place them mixed up in a bowl.

Materials: You will need markers also – one per player.

How to Play: 

  1. The host will pick a paper from the bowl at random, and call out the Sura Name (for older/more able children) or the Sura Name AND Number (for younger children).
  2. The players have to try and remember the Sura Number and cross that off if they have it on their card.
  3. First to get one full line crossed off (either horizontal or vertical) wins!
  4. You can keep going until one person gets two lines crossed off, or even the whole sheet crossed off too.

P.S. Another fun game to reinforce Sura Names is using a balloon! Blow up a balloon and try to keep the balloon in the air, with each tap of the balloon you say the next Sura name. It can be played alone or with multiple players. See how far you can get! The person who can’t remember the next Sura when it’s their turn to tap the balloon is out and the rest keep going!

Game created by: Sabira Rashid Juma


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