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Pin The Body Part – Whole Body Fasting Game


Teach children that fasting requires a lot more than just hunger and thirst with this fun game!


Aim/Objective: To teach children the Akhlaqi aspect of fasting – that it is not just about the stomach, but we should be fasting with our whole bodies.

How to Use: Print out the template and laminate. Cut out the body parts in the circles at the bottom.

Materials: You will need bluetack also. Apply on the back of the circles with body parts.

How to Play: 

  1. Stick up the body onto a wall or window. Alternatively, for a life-size version, why not have your children lie down on a big piece of paper and draw around them. Cut out around their shape. Add a photograph of their face on the face for added fun! Stick this up.
  2. Choose a body part from the circles. Blindfold them (with a scarf) and spin them around, a little distance away from the body template. Now release them and ask them to try and put the body part in the right area!
  3. Enjoy seeing where they end up putting it :). Now ask them to think of one way to fast with that body part, e.g. For mouth – not to lie, shout, etc. For ears, not to listen to music, gossip. For hands, not to snatch from siblings, etc.

Version 2: For older children, ask them to first answer the following questions before choosing the correct body part according to the answer:

  • This body part is a gate from speaking bad and for keeping food from going in your mouth (Lips)
  • with this body part we can tell what is happening behind us without turning around (Ears)
  • When doing Wudhoo we ask to give us our book of deeds on this body part on the day of Judgement (right Hand)
  • Imam Zainul Abideen said “The ____ is the door to the heart” (Ear)
  • -الا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب (Verily in the remembrance of Allah do ____ find contentment) (Heart)
  • When doing Wudhoo we ask Allah to help us to pass through Pool e Siraat with ease. Which part of the body does this relate to? (Feet)

Extension: You can also use this game to introduce the Arabic words for these body parts. First learn the names, and then ask them to select the correct circle and play Pin the Body Part with that part. For example, ask them to choose the yad (hand). Then once they do so, blindfold and ask them to pin it on the yad (hand).

Game created by: Zahida Merali


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