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Mu’min Spy Kit – 15th Shabaan Game



Learn about the Imam by spotting the clues, in this fun spy activity by Towards Jannah! (


Aim/Objective: Learn about the 12th Imam through an investigative approach – hence the ‘Wanted’ sign, spy glass and the evidence wall.

Materials Needed:

  • Printable Cardstock various colours, if using paper, you’ll need to double it up for to give it strength
  • Red cellophane (easily obtainable from craft shops, gift wrapping shops and even from florists)
  • Sequins and other bits to decorate

How to Use:

  • For the spy messages, print the text FIRST then on the same side as the text (same paper), print the red squiggles ON TOP of it. Cut up each of the secret messages.
  • Plant these secret messages (evidence) in appropriate places around the house for them to find which is proof that the Imam (af) is living. For example, his saying on Salaa can be placed in their Salaah mats to find. His saying on free will/choice can go in their school bags to remind them to make smart choices that day and every day.
  • For the Mu’min glasses, print the file onto card.

How to Play:

  • Read the WANTED poster to explain the mission.
  • First, they will need to create their glasses. Have them cut it out. Use red cellophane to use them as red decoder glasses. Decorate with sequins, etc. (Alternatively, you could use such glasses that you might have in the home already)
  • Now let them set off on their mission to find the secret messages and decode them!
  • The secret messages are little sheets of secret message containing his biographical info, his sayings before the greater Ghayba, simplified Qur’an ayaats of proof of Al Mahdi, and more. As soon as they find these, they can hang them onto the evidence wall.


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