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Moon Phases Game


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Aim/Objective: To teach the children the different phases of the moon

How to Use:

  • Print and back the file Moon Phases onto card or laminate
  • Make a hole in the center of the card
  • Use a split pin to attach the arrow to the center of the card

How to Play:

  • Keep a track of the moon:

Use some real binoculars or telescope,  or make some out of card and each night, take your children to sight the moon. Use this printable to track the shape of the moon as it changes through the month, encouraging children to move the arrow to indicate the shape of the moon that they see.

Extension: Use playdough, foam, plasticine, cookie dough to fill out the shapes of the moon – Here is an example.

  • Moon Corners: Print out the file Moon Phases Cut Out of the different moon shapes, cut them out and stick them around the room. The children can run and choose any moon shape. The host spins the spinner and whoever is standing in the moon shape the spinner lands on is out.
  • What’s The Name?: Make a waterfall card using the Moon Phases Cut Out file – get the children to stick the different phases on each one. They need to then find the name out using the spinner and write it on.

Game created by: Azra Hassanali


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