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Months of Islam Game



Aim/Objective: To learn the months of Islam and the main events that take place in them

How to Use: Print, laminate and cut out the board and the cards. Have a pen/paper handy to tally points for each player.

How to Play:

1) Place the activity cards face down on the sun and star slots.
2) Roll the dice. Youngest player goes first. Move the number of places on the game board with your game pawn.

If you land on a month, say it aloud for 1 point. Mention one event from history that happened in that month for 5 points.

If you land on a sun, pick a sun card and answer the question accurately for 10 points.If you land on a star, pick a star card and complete the activity accurately for 10 points, plus 5 extra points if you get the question also!

If you cannot complete the activity, do not add any points.

3) Next player rolls the dice and continues the same way.

When all players have completed the game board, count up the number of points for a winner.

Game created by: Buzz Ideazz and Sumayya Ladak


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