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Key Quranic Verses Game



Teach the children some key ayaat from the Quran through these fun games!


Aim/Objective: To teach and reinforce key verses from the Quran

How to Use: Print out the sheets – either on paper and then laminate, or on card

How to Play: 

  • Matching Game – Ask them to pair up the verses to the corresponding pictures
  • Memory Game – Choose some of the verses you have discussed, then play the memory game. Mix up the verses/pictures cards and lay them face down. Each player takes a turn to turn over two and if they turn over the correct ones, they keep the pair.
  • Cherades – Each person picks a verse and then has to act it out, while the others try and guess which verse it is, and try and recite the actual verse.
  • Find It First – Stick up the verses around a room. Place the picture cards in the middle of the room, jumbled up. The players have to choose a picture card at random, then run around the room to find the corresponding verse – when found, they recite the verse, and so on. This can also be reversed where the picture cards are placed around the room, and verses are picked from the pile.
  • Guess It First – Place all the cards in the middle and sit around in a circle. One person draws a picture card and tries to remember the verse it refers to, and recites that. If they can’t, it goes to the next person, and so on. If they recite it correctly, they get to keep the card. Person with the most cards wins!
  • Treasure Hunt – Hide the cards (in pairs) around the house and draw a treasure map with X marking the spots. The players run around the house using the map, trying to find them. When they do, they recite the verse loudly to complete the mission.

Game created by: Sabira Rashid Juma



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