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Imam Mahdi (aj) Matching Cards Game



A great game to teach the children more about the 12th Imam.




Aim/objective: To learn some important facts about our 12th Imam.

How to use: Print, cut and laminate the cards.

How to play: 

  • Match the fact cards to the corresponding picture cards: Show and read each fact card to the child and show the corresponding pictures. You may want to repeat the process for the child to remember the fact and the picture associated with it. Allow them to match the fact and picture cards using a full printout of the cards. Now show a fact card to the child, and put it on the table/mat. Ask the child to find the corresponding picture card and put it next to the fact card. Repeat with all the remaining cards.
  • Memory game: Shuffle all the cards, turn them upside down and spread them out. Each player turns two at a time, then turns it back round, trying to remember the location. When they find a matching pair (of the description and the corresponding picture) they get to keep it! And so on…

Game contributed by TanveerShares (YouTube).


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