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Good Deeds Game


Encourage good deeds in the month of Ramadan, and throughout the year, with this game!



Aim/Objective: To encourage children to do/think about doing good deeds

How to Use: Print out, and laminate.

Materials: You will also need a dice, paper and pencils (optional)

How to Play:

Version 1:

  1. The first player rolls the dice. Depending on the number they land on, they will draw the good deed on the first column. The next player will roll the dice and do the same.
  2. For the next round, you roll the dice and choose from the second column. And so on.
  3. By the end, each player should have 5 pictures of good deeds drawn. Ask them to make up a story using those 5 good deeds!

Version 2:

  1. This can be played over 5 days. Each day, they roll the dice and depending on what they land on in the first column, they have to DO that good deed.
  2. On day two, they roll the dice and have to DO the good deed on the second column, depending on the number they roll. And so on…

Game created by: Sumayya Ladak


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