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Muharram Idea 28 – Share the message of Imam Hussain with the community around you

by | Ideas for marking Muharram/Safar with the Community, Muharram/Safar

Imam Hussain and his message is not limited to a time or a people. It is universal. But it is up to us to ensure that we spread what he stood for, so his name becomes known far and wide!

We have seen rainbows for the NHS, BLM posters and England flags up at windows… why not start a new trend of having a Muharram flag up to mark this month? I have heard of people putting black flags up but am a bit wary of this. One, because of how black flags have unfortunately come to represent D**sh to the public and two, because that’s more of an If You Know You Know kind of situation.

So why not put up a flag with a little bit of information to raise awareness? This flag says: We Are Mourning For Hussain – but really anything along those lines could work.
Who’s in?! Could be a great activity to do with kids too! If you do do it, do share your pics!