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Muharram Idea 14 – Condoling Label

by | Ideas for Marking Muharram/Safar with Kids, Muharram/Safar

Idea No 14: Remind Ourselves on How to Meet and Condole People on the Day of Ashura with a Label

I know I for one always have a hard time remembering the way to meet and condole people on the Day of Ashura, so how can I expect my children to? This year we are going to try and remind ourselves by writing it out on a sticky label and wearing it on our sleeves, Inshallah.

“May Allah bestow upon us and upon you great reward for grief of Imam Hussein (A), and make us and you amongst those who will assist Imam Mahdi (ATF) to avenge his killing.”

Or a simplified version for the young ones:

“May Allah give us and you lots of reward for being sad for Imam Hussein (A) and make us and you be the ones who will help Imam Mahdi (ATF) to seek revenge for his killing.”