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Muharram Idea 10 – Handkerchief

by | Ideas for Marking Muharram/Safar with Kids, Muharram/Safar

Idea No 10: Give Your Child the Gift of a Handkerchief

Teach your child to treat it very carefully, take it with them to all majalis and collect their tears in a special handkerchief, which will Inshallah be a light for them in the grave, and an intercession for them on the Day of Judgement.

Excerpt from Yaseer and Zahra Meet the Heroes of Kerbala (from where the pictured handkerchief originates):

“One day the Holy Prophet (SAW) told Bibi Fatema (AS) what would happen to Imam Hussain (AS) in Kerbala.

Bibi Fatema (AS) began to weep. She asked if she will be alive when it happens. He told her no. She asked if he would be alive. He told her no. She asked if Imam Ali (AS) would be alive and he said no. She then asked what about Imam Hassan (AS), he looked at her and said no.

Bibi Fatema (AS) started to cry more and asked, ‘Then who will cry for my Hussain?’

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) looked at his daughter and told her, ‘O Fatema, there will be a group of my followers who will cry for our Hussain and the ones who will help him in Kerbala.

The elders will cry for the elders, the mothers will cry for the mothers, the children will cry for the children.’

Bibi Fatema (AS) looked at her father and said, ‘By Allah I swear whenever there is majlis of my Hussain or anyone is weeping for him, I will collect their tears and on the Day of Judgement, those tears will be shafa for there and will save them from the hell fire.’

The Holy Prophet (SAW) nodded his head in agreement and told Bibi Fatema (AS), ‘On the day of Judgement, you shall intercede for the ladies and I for the men. Every person who has wept over the tragedy of Kerbala, we will take him and her by the hand and lead them into paradise.'”