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More Quran Tips by Sh Murtadha Alidina

by | Quran

Heard an amazing seminar tonight by Dr. Murtadha Alidina where he shared a couple of tips on engaging with the Quran in our lives.

He gave a few examples, a couple which I thought would be very applicable with our families so am sharing here. Inshallah I hope it is useful!

Fits in perfectly with our Quran focus too 🙂

1. He shared a story of a family who has inculcated the habit of reading an ayah of the Quran with it’s translation after salaam. Just one ayah and with understanding – but regularly. Perhaps something we can put into practise whenever we recite salaatul jamaa’a with our families?

2. He suggested having a fixed time to devote to the Quran. Whatever that fixed time may be in the day, to keep it that way. Applying that to our children, that could work with them – to keep their Quran recitation/discussions at the same time every day so that it becomes a habit!

3. He also shared a scientific development which uses our blood to reveal quite a lot of information about ourselves – one drop of blood can show whether we have any diseases, etc – but more importantly, it can also show markers for mental and emotional health. What’s even more striking, is that it can even reveal the effects of certain actions have had on a child in pregnancy and during breastfeeding. So if we make Quran a part of the pregnancy and breastfeeding, this will have a PHYSICAL effect on our child, and therefore inshallah make them more responsive to the Quran as they grow.

Subhanallah! May He give us the tawfeeq to make us and our children all to keep the Quran close to our hearts through recitation and understanding, Inshallah.