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Making the Prophet real for your kids & Practical Ideas to do so

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“In the mid 90’s, as a 12 year old, I remember reading an article from the iconic Trends Magazine that really struck me. The first line of the article asked a question, ‘‘If you asked your child who their hero is, what answer would you get?”

I was just a child myself and the prospect of being a mother was so far removed. Yet, this question fascinated me. I knew what the ‘right’ and ‘Islamic’ answer should be from the ‘perfect’ child but what are the chances of an ordinary Muslim child naming the Prophet Ibrahim or Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them, as their hero, instead of Spiderman or Superman? It seemed impossible to me.”

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A particularly apt message… as shared on WhatsApp:

*Avengers Vs Messengers*

Let’s teach our children:

Before Iron-Man, there was Dawood Alayhis Salaam, the one who could bend iron and metal with his bare hands.
[Qur’aan 34:10].

Before Superman, there was Sulaymaan Alayhis Salaam, the one who could fly by controlling the winds.
[Qur’aan 38:36]

Before Ant-Man – the one who enlarges to 60 feet tall, there was Aadam Alayhis Salaam who was created 60 feet tall.
[al-Bukhaari, 3336; Muslim, 7092]

Before Wolverine – the one who cures himself instantly, there was Esaa Alayhis Salaam, the one who could do one better and cure others instantlyby the will of Allaah.
[Qur’aan 3:49]

Before Aquaman – the one who communicates with sea-creatures, there was Sulaymaan Alayhis Salaam who could communicate with ALL creatures.
[Qur’aan 27:16]

It’s human nature to want a hero, albeit a super one. And if we fail to provide our children with the correct one, they will naturally fill that void with an imaginery one.

Alhamdulillah for a religion that has granted us real-life superheroes who not only serve as timeless and practical role-models we can follow, but also provide abundant guidance in regards to this world and the next, sufficing us the need to look elsewhere.