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Magazine Review 4: Mujtaba Magazine

by | Magazine

As reviewed by a mum:

It is an A4 sized magazine, very colourful and my kids and I both like the graphics. When we get our copy, my boys immediately go for the comic strip stories!

There are also interesting general knowledge facts, Mind benders and puzzles, a section for Young cooks, and Sports and Fitness. One feature i really like is a personal journal which gives a very realistic of someone’s experience, for example experiencing jealousy at a family dinner.

Other things include poems and stories of important figures, Asma’ul Husna and a Charter of Rights, which focuses on the different rights of people around us and the different parts of our body!

One section i especially liked was where children sent in their opinions about a certain topic – this one was about phones and technology – if we only need phones to text and cal, why do we need the most latest one?!

It is great for children age 7/8 onwards.

For more information, visit (although it is under construction at the moment) and here is the facebook link: