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Love Language #4: Acts of Service

by | Love

This love language is all about doing something for your loved one/children that you know they would like for you to do. Cooking a meal, washing dishes, taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, changing the baby’s diaper, and painting the bedroom, etc.

Most of us probably do these day in, day out without even realising how many acts of service we are doing, but take a minute today to make it a CONSCIOUS act of love… I love these pictures because they add an extra awesomeness to that everyday thing we do 

We also do all this without expecting recognition/appreciation – or vice versa, expect our loved ones to do these without giving recognition/appreciation! Now don’t get me wrong, ultimately we know that we are doing these things to please Allah and not for recognition, etc, but being appreciated just adds to the sweetness (and motivates us to do more!) – likewise, take a minute today to appreciate someone who has done something for you!

We have plenty of examples in Islam for Acts of Service – Imam Ali (a.s.) used to help Bibi Fatima in the household chores: Imam Ali (a.s.) often helped Fatima (a.s.) in the house affairs. He said, “Once, the messenger of Allah (a.s.) visited us while Fatima was near the cooking pot and I was picking out lentils. He said, ‘O Abul Hasan, listen to what I say, and I do not say except from my Lord. Every man, who helps his wife in her house, Allah will write for him as much as the hairs on his body (the reward of) worship of a year; fasting in the day and worshipping all the night, and Allah will give him like the reward of the patient and the righteous.’”

Although the whole of Kerbala can be seen as an act of service to Islam, one specific example is that of Hazrat Abbas, and how he selflessly went to get water for Bibi Sakina and the other young children, and tried to protect that water with everything he had, including his life, on the way back.