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Gameshows are SUCH a fun way to not only test one’s Islamic knowledge but also teach it – without them even knowing any learning is going on!

Here is a collection of Gameshows Templates/Questions from around the world – if you have any to contribute, please do send them in!


Blockbuster Template

Islamic Jeopardy Game Show (Kerbala)


Blockbuster Questions (General – Ages 7-12)

Which Grade Wants to be the Smartest (With questions)

Who Wants to Be a Winner (Saba)

Who Wants to Be a Winner 

Who Wants to Be a Winner (10-13 years)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – on Salaatul Qasr

Islamic Quiz

Who Said That? By Tasbih Project

Name That Sura – By Tasbih Project

Miladun Nabi Quiz (on the Prophet and general knowledge)

KAHOOT! Gameshow on Imam Husayn (as)/Kerbala

KAHOOT! Gameshow on the Prophet

Jeopardy Game Show on the Prophet / 6th Imam 

Jeopardy Game Show on Imam Mahdi (aj)

This website ( is FULL of interactive quizzes on the different Surahs in the Quran. It even has PPTs with info preceding them and so is a great teaching tool

These YouTube Quizzes (it’s a series) are full of Blockbuster style questions:

Here are those questions in word format: Blockbuster questions. (Pls recite Sura Fatiha for the Marhumeen of the author of the book from which these questions were taken)