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Islam has helped show the world the real Sonny Bill Williams

by | Inspiration

Love this! The impact truly practising Islam can have 🙂

Don’t know if you saw the clip going round of the rugby player and convert Sonny Bill Williams give away his gold medal to a young fan… it was a true embodiment of lack of attachment and generosity.

Here is an article which has the full story of how the conversion to Islam has helped him go from being criticised and unpopular, to much loved around the world. The video is in the article too for those that are interested!

An excerpt: ‘Right now, the world is in love with SBW. And one of his closest friends, Australian boxer Anthony Mundine, says a huge part of that is down his conversion to Islam.

“Everyone’s quick to judge when somebody’s in the spotlight,” Mundine said of Williams’ past indiscretions. “He went through times when he was young and made bad mistakes but who doesn’t? But then he changed his life around and found Islam … and it’s been nothing but serenity for him now.”‘

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