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Iqra Time – The Children’s Islamic Library Event for Little Ones

by | Children's Islamic Library Activity Days

In 2017, the Children’s Islamic Library introduced Iqra Time! Led by Aaliya Mavani and especially for little ones, the sessions include rhymes and crafts.

On Thursday, the 30th of November, Iqra Time held a Hassanah Hunt. It began with rhymes, a little Hassanah Hunt and then crafts. For the Hassanah Hunt, 5 things were used: Toothbrushes, a smiley lamp, pomegranate, perfume and shoes.

See captions of pics for the words for the hunt. The session was finished with crafts using a variety of media – sticking, sprinkling, ripping, etc. All kids were given a fun toothbrush to take home!

We had lots of fun learning about B.Fatima (as) on the 12th of January, 2018 at Iqra Time!

There were rhymes, an interactive story board (see pics) and crafts.

The story board consisted of A3 posters and lots of Velcro images to make it interactive eg. roof, windows, Angels etc

The crafts included making a flower with B.Fatima’s names, Tasbih making with pipe cleaner and beads and Tasbih dot sticking.

On the 26th of January, 2018, at Iqra Time, we stomped like elephants and even tried on a Jewish hat with Payots just like our Jewish brothers!

Thank you to the very talented Hajera Memon of Shade 7 Limited who shared two of her amazing publications – S.Feel Pop Up book and Hats of Faith.

The session started with Dhikr Rhymes featuring our Stomping rhyme to mark the event. There were stories, matching game from Hats of Faith and a blowing craft. Some little posers were even caught on camera!

At the very animated Iqra Time on the 9th of February, 2018, we looked at feelings and how Allah knows All About Us and Our Feelings!

There were dhikr rhymes, Iqra books and a Big Feelings cup craft with faces and Allah’s Dhikr to help that feeling!

Two books were read: The Feelings Book by Todd Parr and Allah Knows All About Me by @learning roots* We learned how our body – our eyebrows, eyes, mouth and shoulders – look when we’re feeling Happy, Unwell/Hurt, Mad/Impatient and Sad.

Also learned that Wudhu helps us calm down.

Two special rhymes for this session were:

Rhyme 1:
• If you’re happy and you know it … Say Alhamdulillah
• If you’re Unwell or hurting… Say Ya Shafi
• If you’re mad or impatient…. Say Ya Saabiru
• If you’re sad and you know it …. Say Ya Allah

Rhyme 2
• Sung to This is the way we brush our teeth tune, is in the photos:

Friday 2nd March, 2018, was a blast at Iqra Time! We had roaring lions, cheeky mice and playful pups to sail aboard P.Nuh’s ark!

A splashy experiment and rocking craft reinforced how we need to always Listen, Obey and Trust Allah SWT to be safe.

We sang our Dhikr rhymes, read the story from Learning Roots rhyming story perfect for little ones called ‘The Story of Nuh’ and our special rhyme was from QFatima‘s awesome collection of rhymes for kids.


On Friday the 27th of June, 2018, we sang and talked about Imam Mahdi (af) for his upcoming Birth Anniversary:

Extracts from The Book ‘Where is My Imam?’ By Marhuma Shelina Kermali was retold.

We sang this rhyme:

Although the party and Show and Tell was postponed until the next session, we enjoyed doing our magical craft which hopefully really emphasizes the whole ‘Sun Behind The Cloud’ concept!

Invisible paint (lemon juice) was our magic potion that was painted on the sun. And when there are enough GOOD DEEDS and PEOPLE to *warm up* this world (use a heat source eg iron, hair dryer, oven under caution) the Golden Sun just like our Imam (af) will InshA appear!

Lemon juice once dried is invisible on paper but when subjected to a heat energy is oxidized and appears yellowish Golden Description:  Cotton wool for clouds and Rainbow strips with all the good things Imam (af) will bring to this world. We cant wait! Al Ajjal Al Ajjal O Imam!

Alhamd! We had our little party in the park today, on the 11th of May, 2018!

It was exciting to see some Show & Tells, we had an Areeza and a picture of Masjid as Sahla.

The party bags consisted of a little book and colourful gel pen to remind us to write to I.Mahdi (af) every week and a suncatcher to remind us to be ‘suncatchers’ while he is behind the clouds Description: There’s a rhyme too, see pic

Then we welcomed the holy month of Ramadhan with the book ‘My First Ramadhan’, had a sweet Oreo treat to learn about the moon we’ll be looking for InshA!

Not forgetting the special binoculars with our special rhyme. Since S.Ramadhan is soo soo special we’ll try being our best at all times! We’ll use everyday colors to remind us:

• Red – to do lots of good deeds
• Orange – Recite the H.Quran
• Yellow – be cheerful
• Green – be kind to our planet and not be wasteful
• Blue – no fighting or quarreling!

We sang this rhyme:

On Friday 18th May, 2018, Alhamd we had a supercharged session with Allah’s special Superheroes yesterday at Iqra Time, where we learned about the Superpower strength called Taqwa. Taqwa is of two parts, staying away from bad things – fasting with our bodies and doing lots of good deeds – the Ramadhan Rainbow

We made wrist and ankle cuffs and masks to remind our bodies to not do bad and we need to complete our Ramadan Rainbows so we can get lots of good deeds!

A special superhero magnetic clip was made to keep our rainbows visible and safe!

We read the book ‘Too Young To Fast’ by Khizar Husain (downloadable on iOS Farfaria app) a simple book, perfect for little ones, about a boy who was too young to fast but could do other things in this special month. We also looked at a very special experiment about floating and sinking

The famous Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song got a whole new meaning with this powerful starting verse “We can fast with our….Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes…” It was a super charged day! ZAPP POW!