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Inspiration Series helps someone come to Islam 🙂

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Wow. I have goosebumps.

Remember the Inspiration series I shared some time ago? Check the first one out here:

Subhanallah, this lady converted to Islam after watching them. So why am i sharing this here?
I think our kids need to know that Allah has put them in this world for a bigger purpose, and to achieve that bigger purpose, they need to develop their God-given talents and use that for the better good.

This is what they did here with the series. There were Muslims that were good at film-making, acting, editing, etc – and they got together and put these amazing different talents to good use. Just IMAGINE their reward in the hereafter!

So, for example, if you’re child is good at art, this is a talent that should inshallah be developed and perfected and then used for Islam, such as by illustrating good quality children’s books! This is just one teeny weeny example…the list is endless!

May we all help our children reach their very best, Inshallah!