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Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 7: Teach them about the Imam through Games

by | Imam Mahdi (aj), Shabaan

I’m loving all the original ideas there are around! Check out these lovely games to teach the children concepts about the Imam:

  • These Kahoot! Games are a great way to get kids of all ages learning!
  • As is this Jeapordy Game (shared on, and this one – needs reading of this QFatima timeline of the Imam as prereading (shared by
  • Another Jeaopordy Game by theshiahomeschooler.
  • This awesome Mu’min Spy Kit to help them learn about the Imam as a secret mission.
  • This matching/memory game on the Imam.
  • How we should respond immediately when he calls us (By Towards Jannah):

Here’s a really cool game to play with your little ones. It really helps explain how Imam Zamana (atfs) is HIDING, we need to eagerly WAIT for his call and RUN to be with him when he calls

You can adapt it, but this is how we played it.
– Set a running timer/stop watch at random times
– Hide it in random places of the house
– Get kids to wait for it to ring
– Get them to follow the sound and find it.
– Whoever finds it gets to recite Dua e Faraj!
The eagerness will naturally set it in. After the game explain to them how Imam is in hiding, and how eager we should get (just as they did during the game) and RUN towards his call. (Inspired by Islam From The Start)

  • Balloons Quiz (By Islam From The Start):

“The little one was very excited to wake up to a balloon banner across his room! He loves popping balloons so I filled each of the 12 with a question about Imam Mahdi (ATF) to help summarise our learning. Each bang brought down a shower of confetti and looking for the rolled up question paper among it became a game in itself! To add to the noise and mess, the correct answer was rewarded with a party popper.

The little one enjoyed it so much, he asked to do it again, eagerly answering the questions once more and remembering the ones he hadn’t got first time around. Its activities like this that remind me how important it is at this age to make learning fun. I can’t imagine that if I’d have done it straight from the book, he’d have asked to be asked again! Alhamdullilah :)”

Here is the link to the questions and more details.

  • Light Behind The Curtains (By Towards Jannah)

A game to help explain how is he behind the curtain and how our deeds affect his light reaching us! These visual methods will probably be remembered long after our verbal explanations have been forgotten…

  • How about this mini-book and game by Teaching Young Muslims?
  • Follow a Path to Imam Mahdi (as)

Imam Mahdi (as) should be our example in life– by following in his steps we will become more and more closer to Him.

Before class set up a path with colored footprints on the floor and end the path at the craft of Sun or name of Imam Mahdi decorated with daffodil flowers. On the back of each footprint write one of the following words: kind, wise, forgiving, friendly, giving, thankful, honest, helpful, patient, neighborly, trustworthy, respectful, caring, pray, tell the truth, share, read Quran, etc. Tape the footprints to the floor so that the words don’t show. As the children arrive let them follow the paths.

Tell the children to go quietly and pick up a footprint off the floor and bring it back to the circle. Call on one child at a time to bring you his or her footprint. Turn it over and read what is written on the back. Then ask the child if he or she can think of a way he or she can do whatever is written on the foot. For instance, if the word is kind, ask the child if he/she can think of a way he/she can be kind. When a child thinks of an idea tape the footprint on the bulletin board display or let him tape it on the board. You can also write the child’s name on the footprint “Ali can be ___”.
(Give each child a turn. Try to keep the children on positive things. For instance, instead of saying don’t lie, say Imam Mahdi is truthful.)


Did you know that there are two different ways you can follow in someone’s steps? One way is to walk behind the person and follow where he is going. (Have the students stand up in a circle and walk behind you as you walk in a circle. When they are all seated again and quiet continue with the lesson.)
Another way to follow in someone’s steps is to act like them, or do what they have done, or to follow their example. The Quran tells us that we should obey and follow our Prophet and 12 Imams’ steps [4:59]. Who is the Imam of our time? We can’t walk behind Imam Mahdi but we can follow in his steps by acting like him. This verse is saying that Imam Mahdi should be your example.
Imam Mahdi is kind, forgiving, friendly, brave, generous, thankful, honest, helpful, patient, neighborly, trustworthy, respectful. He always tells the truth. He shares. He prays a lot. He reads Quran.
We can not be perfect all the time like Imam Mahdi but we should try to do the things that he likes. We all make mistakes and do wrong, but if we are sorry for what we have done and ask Allah to forgive us, he will. If you have a hard time following Imam Mahdi, you can ask Allah to help you.

  • Play “Follow the Leader”

Have your students stand in a circle. Explain to the students that you are playing follow the leader and that their leader is the child standing to their right. So they do whatever that child does after he does it. Start by turning to the child on your left.
Say, “Imam Mahdi is friendly” and shake the child’s hand. That child will do the same thing to the person on his left until it goes all the way around the circle and back to you. Start another round by saying,
1. ” Imam Mahdi is helpful.” Bend over and pretend to tie the child’s shoe lace.
2. ” Imam Mahdi is generous.” Pull money, food or something out of your pocket and give it to the child.
3. ” Imam Mahdi is kind.” Smile at the child.
4. ” Imam Mahdi reads Quran.” Open Quran and read and hand it to the child.
5. ” Imam Mahdi thanks Allah” – Hold up your hands and say “Alhamdulillah”
5. “Imam Mahdi praises Allah” – Hold up your hands and say “Subhanallah”
6. ” Imam Mahdi cares about others” – Pat the child’s shoulder.
7. ” Imam Mahdi does Sajdah” – Go to Sajdah in the direction of Qiblah.
8. ” Imam Mahdi prays for us” – Do Qunut.
9. ” Imam Mahdi loves us” – Give the child a hug.
To finish say, ” Imam Mahdi shares”. If you have a snack time hand out cookies to everyone.
If you have older students you can begin another round while the children are still working on the previous one.

  • This looks like a really good game to play:

Game: Reaching Imam Mahdi Board Game