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Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 4: It’s Friday – HIS day!

by | Dua, Friday, Imam Mahdi (aj), Shabaan

Friday is dedicated to Imam Mahdi (aj), and he will reappear on a Friday also.

Below are some ideas to make this day stand for our children so that they truly come to think of it as an Eid, and associate this happy day with the Imam :)

  • Start off the day with a nice breakfast! Make sure they know it’s a breakfast treat for Jummah. Mine love crepes or pancakes :)
  • Why not buy your child a small present today? Nothing big (am talking Poundland style!) – but just something to help them mark the day of Jummah Eid with a smile :)
  • If you have some unopened birthday/Eid gifts in the cupboard (I don’t let them have them all in one go), maybe today’s the day you can let them choose one to open and play with!
  • If your cupboards and bare and a trip to the shops is not possible, chocs and sweets work a treat – make sure you tell them you’re giving it to them for Jummah!
  • Or better yet, take them for Friday prayers and give them the treat after to create the positive association that they can look back on fondly. This article explains it well!
  • Some families save the treat baking for a Friday – a fun activity for them to as well as mark this day! (Idea shared by Tales of a Nest)
  • Others make a point of reading an Islamic-themed book on this day in particular – one Jummah themed one is: Hakima and Hadi Go to Jum’ah by Kisa Kids. (Idea shared by Tales of a Nest)
  • And then don’t forget all the usuals – cutting nails, ghusl, putting perfume on followed by a special Jummah handshake/kiss while you tell each other Jummah Mubarak.
  • Call the grandparents/family just to wish them Jummah Mubarak too!
  • Have them put some money in the charity box for the safety of the Imam
  • Have them write a quick letter or note to the Imam! Here is a journal to help them do just that.
  • As with the other days that are linked to the other Ahlul Bayt, there is a small ziyarat for our Imam that can be recited today:
  • This story sack clip and activity by Islam From The Start provides a deeper look at the Sura of Jumuah that is recommended to be recited today.

Check out what one mum did! She created a Jummah box with all the things they should be doing on that day as a reminder for the family :)

Have an awesome day, Inshallah :)

Jummah Mubarak!