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Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 2: Choose a particular time/instant in your daily life to remember him

by | Imam Mahdi (aj), Shabaan

Create a habit for the family to remember the Imam at the same time every day.

  • One mum said: “My sister taught me we should also say salam to Imam Zamana (atf) holding our heads and when we wake up. So I have taught my daughter the same and now sometimes I forget but she always says salam to her Imam which is a reminder to me too! This has so many benefits: it reminds us of the presence of our imam in his occulation, our responsibilities to him when it time for his arrival and it sets a standard for our behaviour for the rest of the day.”
  • Here is a great little tracker by Islam From The Start to remind children to say Salaam every morning, as well as give sadaqah for his safety, and to pray for his swift arrival.

  • Another idea is to set the alarm for 3:13pm every day and have them remember the Imam at that time, while also making a dua to be part of his 313!
  • I also remember Ummi bai Merali saying once in a lecture that when we come home from somewhere and as we stand in the doorway while waiting for the door to be unlocked, why not face kibla and say Salaam to our Imam at that moment?

The other day I saw the coolest thing which reminded me of that. I rang the bell at someone’s house and heard some recitation through the door. When I asked what it was, she said her doorbell was not a ring as such, but recited “Ya Mahdi” when pressed! How awesome is that? That way you remember him even when someone else comes home 

P.S. Apparently the doorbell is available in Iran!