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Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 11: Celebrate Imam’s birthday – at home and with others :)

by | Imam Mahdi (aj), Shabaan

There is lots we can do to make the day of the Imam’s birthday special and exciting for our children. Here are some ideas:

  • In this post, we discussed ways to mark important events at home, such as decorating, baking, etc. Check the post for full details!
  • Share his birthday with others! We received this lovely surprise (pictured) – a family sharing the love and joy of this day through a plate of fun! The letters spell LABAYK (pictured) – as the mum said: “The kids spent so much time saying it as they iced it, the know it by heart now.”
  • One mum baked treats with her kids, then they wrote a poem and a riddle as to who it was from using the Imam’s numbers (the number our Imam is times the number of panjatan add the number of Gods there are – that was the easy version, that hard version is pictured below!) – then they went and sneakily left it on their doorsteps and ran away for them to find and figure out :)

  • One mum did a treasure hunt for her kids! Here is the PDF for those that want to replicate it.

  • One mum baked with her kids and gave out these Sun Behind The Cloud cupcakes for the occasion! The suns are iced biscuits, and the clouds are made out of meringue :)

  • Here’s another take on Imam bakes! Hummus and cloud shaped naan! The mum said: ‘We made and delivered this to friends & family with a note saying: ‘Just as we receive energy from the sun when it is behind the clouds, may you always receive guidance from Imam Mahdi (atfs).’Also I loved how this was part of a mid-Sha’ban secret gift exchange – what a lovely idea ❤️

  • Why not hold a party for your children’s friends in honour of his birthday, with decorations, fancy clothes and yummy food?