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Idea 4: Prepare them…to their level

by | Ziyarat

Idea 4: Prepare them…to their level

Although there are ziyarat books, lectures, etc abound, very few are actually suited for the younger age group. Yes, we can simplify it, but wouldn’t it be great to have something that you can hand to them directly?

Alhamdulillah, we have some very talented and dedicated people in our midst who prepared something for this very purpose!

In her own words: “Going through the guide books as I was doing my own ziyaraa preparation, inspired me to make a simpler book especially for the little one. It felt it helped him understand the importance and basic history behind some of the main places we would visit and an idea of what to expect. He was able to in his own mind already anticipate what he was looking forward to seeing the most etc and learning little facts like how Najaf is famous for its gemstones, meant he had even decided beforehand he was going to spend his gift money on an aqeeq ring!

I printed the pages 6×4 and inserted them into a basic pocket photo album that made it easy to carry around and read regularly. I found it really useful and have tried to share it by uploading a pdf of the book on this link:

Thank you so much Islam From the Start for sharing this! Am sure you will get many duas 🙂