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Idea 3: Decide on a project

by | Ziyarat

Idea 3: Decide on a project

I loved the idea that HIC Orlando did… before the trip, they held fundraisers to raise money for clothes and other items to donate to local orphanages in Iraq.

Again, many lessons – This combines fundraising and idea generating, team work, thought into the project chosen, working towards a greater goal and humankind, is fun as well, and ultimately, a tangible result!

Then on ziyarat, when they go to visit the project chosen, they see first hand how their efforts have helped, Inshallah…not to mention realise how very very fortunate they are.

P.S. When searching for images for this post, I was shocked and saddened by the images coming up from Iraqi orphanages…this one shows a child who drew a chalk image of his mother and slept next to it :(. A worthwhile cause indeed…