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Idea 2: Give them some money to invest

by | Ziyarat

Idea 2: Give them some money TO INVEST

When i heard this, I thought it was an amazing idea. Someone gifted my nephew $25 but told them it wasn’t for them – instead, they had to go for ziyarat, and then decide where, when and how they wanted to invest that money.

So many lessons the children can learn from this!

– It will make them more aware and alert during their trip, of the environment around them.

– It will make them learn about investment and potential sawaab-e-jaaria.

– It will teach them important decision making skills.

– It will make them conscious of the act of giving, and how we can ‘give’ in different ways.

I’ll say it again, what an awesome idea! And what a great gift for our little Zawwaars!