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How To Talk So Kids Will Listen

by | Parenting

And going back to the parenting stuff, here’s another classic that I love and will always love! I remember seeing it on my parent’s shelf, and on impulse deciding to review it for my psych class. Then when I had kids of my own, i stole it off their bookshelf and popped it in mine ;).

The beauty of this book is that it is SO easy to read, full of examples, and FILLED with practical steps you can take to deal with every day situations with your children. There are cartoon strips with the different options of dealing with such situations, for example, when you’ve told your child 5 times to pick up their wet towel from the floor and they still haven’t…

I know so many of you out there have read this – so PLEASE add your feedback on the book for everybody else so they know it’s not just me that thinks this book is a must-have – to read once and constantly go back to for a reminder!