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Good Deed Series – 1. Good deeds come around to benefit US!

by | Good Deed

I thought it might be nice to share different ways we can motivate ourselves to do good, and to encourage doing good not only within our families but to the wider community as well!

So to start us off: Good Deeds will always come back to benefit US!

“…If you do good, you will do good to your own souls…” (17:7)

and “Is the reward of goodness anything but goodness?” (55:60)

  1. Here’s an amazing video to help share this concept with our children:

The video shows this in such a simple but sweet way – when discussing this with our children, we can look at the following verses from the Quran, which are so amazingly apt:

2. Here is another video:

3. Here is a beautiful real-life example for our children about how good things come around! I’m sure you heard about the little boy who gave his pocket money up to help the mosque in TX that was vandalised.

This is what the American Muslim community did for him in return!