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God sent Me for You

by | Charity, Inspiration

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I saw this initially. Not another person trying to get two minutes of fame by helping out the poor…
But then I started to think.

Yes, he says it a bit brazenly – “God sent me for you”, but in reality, Allah HAS actually placed us to help others. We are all here to do our bit in whatever way we can. He COULD have made everyone rich and equal, but he didn’t – he left that responsibility to us.

I also liked the way he gave to those who were out there selling things, even something as simple as water for 1 rupee. In a blog post from last year (, we talked about how we don’t even usually give such people a glance as we don’t need anything they have – but they are out there, struggling to make a halal living and trying not to beg.

And the message at the end? Just beautiful…really makes one think. I won’t give you any more spoilers – do watch!

Jummah Mubarak!