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Alhamdulillah, children from an early age are able to empathise and want to help others. Fundraising builds on this, and allows them to have a desire to help others from a young age.

Why not then allow them to share why they are doing this with others? Abbasali Hemraj gave a speech at mosque, and (along with other fundraising activities) raised more than £2,300!!

Involve them in the speech writing process, so they feel passion for what they are saying. And don’t worry if you feel they are quite young – just write a speech in accordance to their capabilities.

Ask your centre if they can have 5 minutes of the programme to give a speech. Most centres would be more than willing, I am sure! It is also a great way to build confidence in the children, and promote public speaking skills.

Lastly, upload their speech on to YouTube and spread the word that way!