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Fundraising Idea 1: Sponsored Readathon

by | Charity

Bismillah – let the fundraising series begin 🙂

Fundraising Idea 1: Sponsored Readathon

This is something the Children’s Islamic Library has done in the past (2009 to be precise!).

Here’s the write up for the event – if done by individuals, there won’t be certificates and all the pomp of course, but it’s a fun (and educational) way to raise some money over the month of Ramadhan – you may even dare a nap while they read?!

“Over the summer of 2009, the Children’s Islamic Library held a Sponsored Readathon, which encouraged children to read Islamic material, be it stories, novels or non-fiction, and raise money for the library at the same time.

Alhamdulillah, the incredible effort of 22 participants raised a whopping £962. This money has already gone towards stocking up the library with more CDs, DVDs, games and books, including books for parents and books for teenagers, as well as updating the website to include features such as the Gallery of Photos.

On the 10th of October, the library held a Ceremony to honour the participants. As families began arriving at 11am, they were invited to view and play with a selection of the new items that had been purchased with the sponsorship money. A group recitation of a few Suras by the children opened the Ceremony, and then the children were presented with Certificates, a bookmark and a book by Masuma Alloo. As is tradition in the library, this was followed by Story Time, after which refreshments were served and parents and children took the opportunity to use the library.”

P.S. Don’t forget the Children’s Islamic library in Stanmore has loads of books! There have also been posts on Buzz about recommended reads for Ramadhan!
P.P.S. I know children’s islamic libraries have now also opened in Toronto, India and somewhere in the States. Will try and dig up those details if I can – otherwise if anyone reading this knows, please do share…