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Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran – Idea 6: Discuss!

by | Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran, Quran

  • Someone sent this great idea in:

“Sometimes we take the names of the Surah and talk about why this surah is named this way.. mostly surahs like Al Baqarah and Naml and Nahl.. etc.. we discuss the meanings and the story that refers to the names and read the verses regarding those stories. We also tried watching the movie Nabi Yusuf and discussed Surah Yusuf along with the movie.. like finding which verses was the episode of the series was based on.”

  • Why not share something you’ve learnt about an ayah from a lecture/tafsir class at the dinner table? Or write it up on the board for reflection and discussion?
  • Sheikh Murtadha Alidina also one shared a story of a family who has inculcated the habit of reading an ayah of the Quran with it’s translation after salaam. Just one ayah and with understanding – but regularly. Perhaps something we can put into practise whenever we recite salaatul jamaa’a with our families?