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Children’s Majalis – Idea 8: Dua and Imam Mahdi (aj)

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Another great interactive majlis sent in! Here are the details:

“Alhamdulillah I was blessed to conduct this Interactive workshop/majlis for my son and few of his friends age 5-6 years at home.

Topic:- Dua and being amongst the supporters of Imam Mahdi:

Our mummies love us sooo much, and she wants to know each and everything that we do eg in school. Did you know Allah loves us 70 times more than our mums. He also wants us to talk to Him about everything.


Draw hand and explained how to make Dua. Pray for family/ people far from us/ imam Mahdi/Those sick and ill/ and lastly pray for yourself. Allah says He will accept our Duas if done via Imam Mahdi so we should pray through him.



All kids wrote arizah with their mummies help using the “letters to my Imam” book of buzzideazz, using their hand model that they had drawn.


We were blessed that one of the kid, was going for iran ziarat the following day. We handed over the arizahs to this little girl to put it in the well behind masjide jamkaran in iran. This well is a place where people put their arizahs to Imam Mahdi, Imam visits this masjid every Tuesday.

Santa fulfils wishes only once in December. Imam Mahdi will fulfil our wishes anytime when we raise our hands in Dua and anytime we write to him Ariza.

But when Dua is not accepted, know that it’s because it’s not good for us. Eg:- if we pray for chocolate factory, Allah may not accept as it will spoil our teeth.

So whenever you want to talk to imam Mahdi write to him using this book which they all were given to take home.

Dua plus action is required:- 

Sitting in one place and praying to be amongst the supporters of imam mahdi isn’t sufficient. We need to do action too.

Cited example of Bibi Hajras Dua for water and her running from safa to marwa in search of water. Because of which we have zamzam water flowing till today.


Showed them a house model with 8 windows.  Asked the kids to think about what deeds they would do that would make imam Mahdi come to our house and we stuck those deeds using cardboard on the windows.

Cardboard pieces had these deeds written:-

  1. Pray on time
  2. No lying
  3. No haram food
  4. No haram things in the house like music
  5. Respect and care
  6. Stay clean
  7. Recite Quran
  8. Check your deeds before sleeping.



Building on point no 8, i gave them all a laminated weekly chart that they could use to self assess themselves before bedtime. This chart has space for 5 good deeds to do and 5 bad deeds to avoid. ( left these empty for the mummies to personalise what deeds they would like their kids to build on and can change when needed)

Then kids can assess if their imam is happy or sad with them by putting a smiley face or a sad face.


Based on above actions, we will know if we really await imam mahdi or do we dread his coming as a “Thief wouldn’t await the coming of the police ”

Will we be the thieves or will we be with the police in catching/fighting the thieves?

How can we help imam when he comes when we are just 5-6 years old?

We need to prepare ourselves just like bibi Sakinas example.

In kerbala, we had bibi Sakina who was 4 years old. Inspite of all the tortures and especially in the jail in shaam, she never missed her Namaz, woke up in the cold mornings for subh namaz, until one morning when she didn’t wake up when she had already passed away.

A 5 yr old girl then recited for us a poem about bibi sakinas tortures.


Then we had two boys recite Dua hujjat and then we had matam and ziarat.


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