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Children’s Majalis – Idea 6: Role-play

by | Children's Majalis Ideas, Majlis, Muharram/Safar

Yesterday in the post, as well as having things in a bag for the children to pick out and discuss, we also mentioned that there were some role plays going on in the majlis!
The girls were split into four groups and asked to come up with a short play on good deeds. In a short space of time, the ideas they came up with were outstanding!
One showed good deeds going round as each person who was helped, helped another. Another gave the example of offering a thirsty person water, without being asked, and the third group acted out helping a sick person.

Here is one group’s role play on picking up litter and amr-abil-ma’ruf – apologies for the audio (I think my finger was on the mic!) – hope the annotations help :)