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Celebrating Eid: Idea 9 – Eid Tree (part 1)

by | Eid

A few years ago, my kids were enthralled about Christmas and meh about Eid. I REALLY wanted to change this, and started thinking about things we could do to give Eid an oomph! I had big plans – to somehow find an alternative to a Christmas tree for Eid, to have lots of Eidy decorations around that tree, etc, etc… That was the Ramadhan that Buzz Ideazz was born, in an attempt to fill this gap. There wasn’t enough time to get the tree as a product as I needed to do research, sourcing, etc, but we started with Eid Cardzz with a twist – in particular, Eid cards to give out to friends at school and cards for our neighbours.

And at home we started making changes – we used our massive yucca to put presents round, but still had to use christmas tinsel to decorate with (which i reeeeally don’t like!). We introduced a family Eid treasure hunt, which the kids now look forward to months in advance. There was a sudden boom in Ramadan and Eid decor which could be printed out and hung up around the house. And Alhamd, slowly but surely, things changed and now our children love Eid and all it stands for.But my initial dream was still unfulfilled. I tried looking for ways to get an Eid tree – I even ordered an artificial palm tree to see if that worked (let’s just say it didn’t!). Then a few months ago, a friend who i had been brainstorming with on and off called me up. Her son had just come of that age of understanding, and she was in the same place I had been a few years back. I get it,” she said. “Let’s do this.”

Now luckily, this friend is very creative – and when we met last week, she showed me this one, very awesome, idea that she had come across. The beauty of it is that it is neutral (i.e. not christmassy), it can be used for SO many different things – even throughout the year IF you want (ideas to come soon on that), and you can decide on a size and type that suits you and your family – whether you want a big or small one, with lights or without, different colours, etc. More details on it in the next post!

P.S. Adding this in Ramadan 2018: Seems like I wasn’t the only one wanting a tree! Check out what these Muslim Mummies did – they made a moon tree!: