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Arbaeen Idea 3: Tips for the Arbaeen Ziyarat and the Walk from Najaf to Kerbala

Having recently come back from doing the walk, I thought it might be useful to share some resources and practical tips that will Inshallah help the trip go smooth and also have the kids benefit as much as possible! After having recently come back from the Arbaeen...

Bedtime Series – Idea 6: Use that time to remember the family of the Prophet (saw)

Bedtime can be a great time to help children remember the names of the Ahlul Bayt. If done informally, it will Inshallah not be so stressful on the child to try and memorise them and can be learnt in fun ways! I just tell my daughter that it's time to go to Ziyarat,...

Idea 15: Make a ‘gift’ pack from ziyarat together

Idea 15: Make a 'gift' pack from Ziyarat together Last but not least, one of the customs for zawwaar is to buy things from this holy trip for family and friends back home who were not lucky enough to be there! Why not include your children in this process of choosing...

Idea 13: Equip them with child-friendly dua cards

Idea 13: Equip Them with Child-Friendly Dua Cards! The duas and ziyarats etc that one recites on this amazing trip are an essential part. Dua Cards especially altered to be accessible for children are made by: